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4 love all Serve All That is The Way To God Love All By sharing happiness with needy and trying to make others happy, We get Divine Blessings of God
5 Power of Lord Badrwishal at Chowk Temple I visited Temple and Realised that it is as Blissfuill as orignal
  Past-Present-Future FOREVER TRUTH= The PAST is unchangeable, only the FUTURE can be changed by the ministry of PRESENT creativity of the inner self
9629 Omm Lord Bhagwan Bishnu has awakened from the Ananta Syana to save this Word/Earth-celebrate with his Sahasrnama It is matter of great privelege that Omm Lord Bishnu(Badrinath) has awakened from the his ageold Ananta Sayana to save this world from destruction, and since last one he has been relenlessly working on it to eradicate the massive destructive forces like Tantrikas, Blackmagician, Human Gods & Goddess(like the ugly Bai(Maid servant)Laxmi and other such ugly names assigned to Omm Maa Durga,Omm Maaa Saraswati, Omm Lord Bhagwan Brahma, Omm Lord Bhagwan Varuna, Omm Lord Bhagwan Sanidev, and Omm Bahgwan. Extend this campaign by massive propoganda and chanting of his Sahasranama. Tapan Kumar Nayak email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
7 Vedic Reaserch and Development Center I was not knowing this place of Badrinath when I was searching to stay in Himalaya Badrinath It happend to me to know about this place. Unfortunately there is no Guest House for the people who wants to stay temporarily or permanently to do the devotional service.Since this is the place to meet the Krishna, Narayana The supreme God and Demi Gods and human being as per my latest understanding there should be proper invitation from all over the world to all the eligible living entity to visit and stay in the temple as per their wishes to do the instruction of God to understand, write, compose songs in various languages right from Sanskrit to all Indian languages and other languages. The remembrance,knowledge and forgetfulness comes from Krishna as per Bagavat geetha,To get the knowledge is Lords mercy and our sincere attempts. There are people without any attempts with causeless mercy they start singing , composing songs in overnight with the proper association and blessings of God face to face. Before reciting and writing and composing songs about Lord sri Krishna which is very means of conquest one should offer respectful obeisances unto the personality of God head Narayana and Nara Narayana Rsi The supermost human beingunto Mother Sarswathi the goddess of learning and unto Srila Vyasadeva , the Author of Mahabharat and all puranas which contain bagavath geetha and Srimat Bagavatham which is the essence of all Puranas and the literary incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna. We need a place and residence in this Dham who is interested to continually work on this great subjects and to preserve and practice the creation of Vyasu Deve. I request the concerned temple authority to work on this devotional service. We donot know who is eligible person on this subject and it is the relation between Super soul Krishna and the ordinary soul, the living entity. It is my wish and inner desire more and more ordinary soul will culminate into this great place and hear, talk, write and compose many songs about lord Narayana, Krishna and other demi God as per their instruction and desire. But it is the temple authority to make an arrangement for such great soul who can not concentrate in Grahastha life in their own residence. It needs lot of Lakshmi, place Bhoomi Matha and other paraphernalia and all will be arranged by the supreme Lord with sincere effort of the blessed great soul in the Temple Management. Hopefully more and more devotees will be aware of this place and utilize for the development of Literary Creations and development as per the instruction of Lord Sri Krishna and Management.
8 Secondary Home of Lord Sri Badrinath Establishment of Second Home of Lord Badrinath on 13,14,15th May 2011 – - village Chowk,Taluka Khalapur,District Raigad,Maharashtra INDIA. Primary Badrinath once, on being asked by the sages about the greatness of Badrikasharam, Sutji narrated the same tale, which Lord Shiva had once told sage Narad -Lord Mahadeva had told Narad that altogether there were one lakh and twenty-five thousand mountains and Badrikashram was supreme among them. Lord Mahadeva said---Badrikasharam is the abode of Lord Nara-Narayan. Narayan--the origin of all creations has four arms and his complexion is dark. Narayan manifests himself in both forms--Sakar as well as Nirakar. He is the eternal Purusha and is worshipped by people during the full period of Uttarayan. Since Badrikashram is covered with snow during the period of Dakshinayan, Narayan is not worshipper during these six months. All the deities dwell at Badrikasharam. The sages live in their hermitages at Badrikasharam. River Alaknanda flows at Badrikasharam. Anybody taking a dip in the holy water of Alaknanda becomes liberated from sins.. Secondary Badrinath In olden days all the King and vaishnavas will renounce the grahastha life and take the shelter of Badrinath at the end of life. This is not possible in the kaliyuga due to bodily relation, other responsibility and other constraints. Keeping this mind Lord throu the vaishnava manifested this temple At village Chowk,Taluka Khalapur,District Raigad,Maharashtra INDIA . Shri Govindram Vassandmal Chawla is a vaishnava, Devotee Lord Sri Krishna, Lord Sri Shiva is great Vaishnava (Vaishnavanam Sambu ).Both of them blessed and instructed to construct divine temple who cannot visit the primary Badrinath Temple. This is the secondary temple with equal Potency for the sake of devotee who can not reach Badrinath at Himalayas and it is not available for the whole year due to climatic conditions. The Supreme Lord will give the mercy at the time when devotee can not walk, reach his abode . He personally come and give the darsion with his own wish. Sri Jairam Chawla , with the sincere prayers and constant meditation, uninterrupted thought of The great Mahajan Lord Ram, Anjeneya , Lord Shiva and the instruction of Shri Govidram Vassandma chawla he could complete this temple for the benefit of the great deserved soul to get the blessings of Badrinath without much effort to go to Himalaya. This is the great Boon to all the grahastha to worship frequently round about the year. His Holliness Shankaracharya of Badrinath and Dwarka peeths Sri Swaroopanand ji Maharaj and Rama Hanuman blessed the temple in person when the deity was installed along with the blessed family of Shri Govidram Chawlay and Jairam Chawla. All This arrangement is purely by the mercy of Lord Nara Narayana viz Krishna and Arjuna. Dr.Chandra Sekaran chandanangathi Krishna Das