Now You Can Get " Blessings of Badrinath " Through Out The Year At " Badrinath Temple "


Established in SATYUGA BADRINATH DHAM is the Dweling place of Lord Vishnu, Maharishi ved Viyasa wrote Mahabharta and Bhagwat Geeta here. Badrinath Temple is considered as Vainkunth.
Badrinath Temple is a place where Humans and God can meet. Mata Laxmi always used to serve Vishnu. Once Muni Narda told Vishnu about seving by Laxmiji, Vishnuji became upset and left for Himalayas to meditate for Austerity.
Mata Laxmi not finding Vishnu in Patal lok searched for him and found him Meditating at Himalayas.
As Vishnu was meditating under a Plum tree Mata named the place as Badrinath Without disturbing him she stayed in a hut nearby.


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